Mark 12:44

For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.


I have since I was a child thought about this passage.  The widow is “ALL IN” and puts in everything she has, all she had to live on.  This in contrast to those who contribute a large amount but is does not effect their lifestyle on bit.  The rich are not “giving till it hurts”.  The widow is literally and figuratively giving everything she has.

This has always bothered me.  I was raised to be careful and frugal and it has served me well in life.  I have worked hard and given a “portion” back to God, but that giving and commitment has not really been that difficult.  In my younger days I skipped the excesses of youth and that actually paid off. I am pious and smug like the rich temple-goers my success is proof of blessing.  Or maybe not.

Who do I depend on if I am honest?  Probably myself, my family and friends and my financial situation in life.   My wife and I have health insurance and other insurances as well!  Who did the widow depend on?  God…and God alone…for everything.

This is what has troubled me since I was a youth in church.  The widow was careless in her giving.  The two pennies could have bought bread and the next couple of meals.  She pennies away because she was willing to trust that God Himself would take of her needs.  I have always felt it was impractical for her give “everything” she had to live on away.  But what happened to her?  We don’t know.  I strongly suspect that God took good care of her and that her faith was rewarded. 

What about you?  Are in a situation where you must totally trust God?  Is it happening against your will?

An unwanted divorce, children who have left, parents who have died, or a spouse has died?  Well the window probably knew by heart the words of Psalm 23 – which says in verse six “  Surely I will in the house of Lord forever…

The widow had nothing, she goes to the temple and gives all she has to live on because she knew by faith that she would be living in God’s eternal temple forever.   


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